Pinewood beds from the Styrian Pineland®

Zirbenbetten aus dem Steirischen Zirbenland

Hello and Welcome.
Thank you for visiting our Pinewood – Bed Shop. We have spent all our lives in the Styrian Pineland and learned to appreciate and value the Pinewood. Now we would like to give you the opportunity to experience the beneficial effects of this raw material in the form of our Pinewood Beds. Have fun shopping.

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Zirbenholzbetten Edition 2012

The Pinewood Bed “Edition 2012″

This year we added three more models to our range of Pinewood Beds. Among others, we now offer a Pinewood Bed with integrated LED lights in the headboard. Our master carpenter designed the “2012 Pinewood Edition“ based on the requirements of previous customer orders. However, if none of our beds meet your preference, we are happy to take individual orders.

Gitterbett aus Zirbenholz

Cribs made of Pine Wood

It is important for children and babies to receive sufficient and healthy sleep. As a result, our master carpenters developed special cribs and beds. These beds ensure a trouble-free and natural environment for your little ones. The advantage of these cribs is that they are individually adjustable in size and grow with your children.

Unsere Tischlermeister

Individual Pinewood Beds

Our master carpenters belong to the generation that masters the traditional processing of solid wood and artfully blend it with contemporary design. Our team knows the processing of pine wood perfectly well and is constantly developing new pinewood beds. If you are looking for a custom-built bed, please contact us, you can buy those beds from us as well.

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Wirkung von Zirbenbetten / Zirbenholzbetten

The Effects of Pine Wood

  • Reduced heart rate (3500 pulse beats less per day)
  • Increased vibration of the organism
  • No sensitivity to changes in the weather
  • Stable cycle with fluctuating air pressure
  • Deep and the body's vegetative recovery
  • Helps against sleep disorder

» More on the effects of pine wood

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